Simplifying support for complex challenges

At Aspirations, we are dedicated to supporting individuals with Learning Disabilities and/or Mental Health needs to move into their own homes, no matter how complex their requirements.

We can help simplify what can be a complicated process of moving towards independent living – which often comes about after individuals have spent a significant amount of time in hospital.

In line with our ‘own home not hospitals’ ethos, Aspirations support starts with a comprehensive assessment of needs. Using this information, we then create and develop a Person-Centred Transition Plan for the individual.

Our person-centred transition plan involves:

  • Multi-disciplinary working with all professionals such as the receiving community team, discharging placement team, social workers, public agencies.
  • Sourcing accommodation in suitable locations to meet the individual’s preferences and needs.
  • Working with landlords to create bespoke interior environments that are required for their home.
  • Supporting their management of finances and benefits as these often change significantly when moving into your own home from hospital.
  • Knowledge and experience of working with the necessary legal frameworks to allow the individual to transfer from hospital to living in the community and utilising the Mental Health Act and/or Mental Capacity Act, where appropriate.
  • Recruitment and training of a staff support team with the rights skills, values, knowledge and experience.
  • Development of a comprehensive Person-Centred Support Plan.