We begin at the beginning

The transition into supported living is not always easy. It is important we meet and get to know the individual as well as it being helpful to have insight into their history. That is why it’s essential we work with each person to understand their needs and develop their own support plans.

To be able to provide the support needed, it is important that the staff team have access to appropriate learning and development. This includes training and coaching in Positive Behaviour Support to ensure that staff are equipped to provide safe and effective support in the least restrictive way.

How we focus on the positive

There are occasions when physical interventions are required to ensure everyone stays safe in a crisis. CPI’s suite of Learning & Development Programmes ensures the approaches we use reduce the risks to everyone. They focus on alternatives such as redirection and adopting the least restrictive intervention.

Aspirations has a continued commitment to embed the principles of Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) into everyday practice and we have worked with CPI on the inception of licenced trainers. PBS helps us to understand the function of a person’s behaviour and what maintains it. The support we provide aims to increase the individual’s quality of life and reduce the frequency and severity of their behaviours.

Increasing knowledge and understanding supports confidence and competence in our teams to safely and effectively manage behaviours, improving quality of life for the people we support and minimise risks.