Personalised support at every turn

Autism is a lifelong neuro-developmental condition that affects each person differently. Aspirations is committed to understanding the individual and their autism and then putting in place the right support to help that person thrive.

We do this primarily through in-depth staff training. Our support teams receive basic autism awareness training during their induction. They are then given the opportunity to complete two further in-depth courses including specialist face-to-face training and a university-level qualification accredited by Coventry University.

Every person we support with an autistic diagnosis is helped to develop a unique ‘Autism Profile’. This profile drives their support plan ensuring we maintain an autism-focused approach. If anyone we support is experiencing difficulties then we have a designated Autism Lead alongside a network of Autism Champions (graduates of our university course) who can step in and support both the individual and their support team.

We are committed to implementing the SPELL framework for autistic people in all our services and, wherever appropriate, aim to adopt a collaborative approach working closely with families and external professionals.