Snapshot date: 1st April 2019

Aspirations Gender Pay Gap Statement. I can confirm that the Gender Pay Gap Data we have supplied via the website and published here on our website is factually accurate.
Christine Cameron -CEO 1.4.19

  • Aspirations Care Ltd. Mean Gap -0.5% Aspirations Midlands Ltd -1.6%
  • Aspirations Care Ltd. Median Gap -1.6% Aspirations Midlands Ltd-0.3%
  • Aspirations Care Ltd. Bonuses 0, Bonuses Aspirations Midlands Ltd 0

Staff Breakdown

  • Upper Quartile -Aspirations Care Ltd. Men 27% Women 73%
  • Upper Quartile -Aspirations Midlands Ltd. Men 35% Women 65%
  • Upper Middle Quartile -Aspirations Care Ltd. Men 27% Women 73%
  • Upper Middle Quartile -Aspirations Midlands Ltd. Men 29% Women 71%
  • Lower Middle Quartile -Aspirations Care Ltd. Men 32% Women 68 %
  • Lower Middle Quartile- Aspirations Midlands Ltd. Men 31% Women 69%
  • Lower Quartile -Aspirations Care Ltd. Men 39% Women 61%
  • Lower Quartile Aspirations Midlands Ltd. Men 28 % Women 72%

My life, my support

When I have my key worker session with my support worker, she is very helpful and supportive. She gives me good advice and listens to me a lot. She is very positive towards my progress and development. I feel reassured and it is good when someone listens to you. She shows she cares.

How to make a referral

If you know someone who would benefit from our person-centred support as they work towards a more independent future, please email us.