Ruth and her siblings grew up in a home with domestic violence and her mother, not coping with this, found parenting difficult

As a result Ruth became a young carer for her family. This situation impacted on Ruth’s natural development as a child and her skills and learning development. As she was ill-equipped to be a carer at such a young age she tried to keep control of the family through anger and aggression. After several assaults on her siblings and mother, Ruth eventually was placed in the care system.

During her time in care the violent behaviour and assaults continued and she began to misuse drugs and alcohol. Repeated serious assaults on people led to court orders and curfews.

It was at this point, when Ruth was 16 years old, she came to be supported by The Leaving Care Company. Her Team helped to find her a suitable home in an area she wanted to live in and were no known drug issues. Soon after moving in to her new home Ruth attended court for a previous offence and was convicted which meant that her team of support workers, through a 24/7 package supported Ruth through life with a supervision order, electronic tag and drug treatment order. In addition her team has supported Ruth with all of her difficulties. Drug and alcohol support has helped Ruth to stay on track and Ruth’s support team sourced alternative education including home tutoring and life skills. Ruth is due to sit Maths and English GCSE’s this summer.

Ruth’s team of regular support workers has developed relationships with her that she tells us feel like her family – even referring to them as a Gran figure, Sister figure, Aunt etc. Forming these strong relationships has helped her team to support her regarding her behaviour through participation in discussions, daily tasks and leisure activities. Consequential thinking exercises have helped Ruth make positive choices and though she still has occasional anger outbursts they are less frequent and she tries to solve issues through discussion first. Ruth is actively involved in all aspects of her support plan and regularly voices her opinion, though is aware some things are unchangeable within the plan. 

Ruth is enjoying building her relationship back with her family. She has not shown any obvious signs of being under the influence of either alcohol or drugs and is supported to attend CAMHs to address her attachment disorder and issues around domestic abuse.

Since receiving our support Ruth has turned her life around re-focussing on school, her studies and tackling problems that previously made her life chaotic and relationships with her family strained Ruth is very settled now and says she feels safe where she lives. Going forwards, as she approaches 18, The Leaving Care Company will continue to support Ruth in developing independent life-skills with a view of reducing the number of hours she is supported and helping her to take on her own tenancy.

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