Jason is 15 years old and came to be supported by Aspirations when he was 14 after his situation in a previous care home broke down.

This was due to him being involved in various criminal activities such as selling drugs, damage to property and assaults.

Jason’s criminal behaviour led to him being given a reparation order. This means he has to work with the local Youth Offending Team (YOT) supporting Jason in understanding the harm he causes to people or community through his criminal activities.

Working closely with the local Police Liaison Officer, Aspirations found a suitable property for Jason to live, in an area where he wouldn’t be influenced by other anti-social behaviour, crime, gangs or drugs. When he first came to Aspirations Jason’s negative behaviours continued and he was physically violent and verbally abusive to the support team. The team used positive behaviour management strategies focussing on setting clear, consistent boundaries with Jason and after a short time he began to respond really well to this.

Aspirations support workers, chosen specifically to work with Jason because of their own experience and skills, worked in partnership with the YOT and also found an appropriate, accredited education programme for him that he attended weekly.  This was a big achievement for Jason who in the past had refused to engage with anything to do with education. Daily support in a solo residency placement, has meant that his independence skills have grown particularly around budgeting and meal planning. Therefore he buys and plans for healthy meals he wants to eat. Support workers are using incentive charts with Jason to help him move towards other independence skills.

Significantly, since Aspirations have been supporting Jason he has not been involved in any further criminal behaviour and is settled. In his support plan, that Jason develops with us, his long term goal, as he approaches 16, is to leave care and move to a property of his choice where he can be supported in a semi-independent way. At the appropriate time and if deemed appropriate with Jason’s Home Team, the Aspirations team will start to work with their collages at The Leaving Care Company to help Jason make this goal a reality.  Then as Jason’s independence skills develop he will receive our support only where he requires it.

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